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dtrace.conf 2012

^ Update: We were able to retrieve and post some short video clips from dtrace.conf 2008 (we do have a lot more, but it’s too long for YouTube and we’re having trouble converting it to an editable format)


The original (and only) dtrace.conf in 2008 was a smash hit – even the analysts were raving! In pace with the Olympiad, it’s time once again to bring the community together for dtrace.conf 2012! This Joyent-sponsored community event will be held in downtown San Francisco (likely SoMA, but exact venue TBD) on Tuesday, April 3rd. Note that there may be a small attendance fee to help defray costs.

As with the inaugural dtrace.conf, this will be a technical conference for people who are using DTrace, expanding its boundaries, and contributing to its growth and health. This will be done in unconference style, so every attendee should come prepared to present or otherwise lead a discussion or session. Note that “just using DTrace” is more than sufficient for leading a discussion or session: if you’re ready to talk about what you found in technical detail – and how DTrace helped you (or didn’t!) – we would love for you to join us at dtrace.conf.

Register here.

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