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News Feb 13, 2012


A new download of SmartOS is available here. This 2/10/12 release is “mostly bug fixes, though we’ve included the COMSTAR iSCSI target bits, better errors for env, proc fixes for large memory systems, fs_allowed setable through vmadm and wall(1) -z and -Z to send all user messages to zones on behalf of the global.”


News and upcoming events for the larger illumos family are on the new illumos wiki.

Blogs & Tweets

@adrianco tweeted “If you didn’t look at new @brendangregg Visualizing Process Snapshots post yet, you need a dose of eye candy, go do”

blog post by @raichoo: Setting up a Tor Bridge Relay on illumos

@enmand tweeted: “Wow! Just did a migration of #SmartOS zones from one server to another… what a breeze! Thank you #ZFS!”


Videos from SCALE10x


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