SmartOS training from Joyent!

News: March 5, 2012

Meetup this Wednesday, March 7 at Joyent HQ in San Francisco: Monitoring Public and Private Cloud Infrastructures on SmartOS: Going Native

  • Join us for a presentation from Brian Clapper, CTO of Circonus. Brian will discuss how Circonus built in this support, what types of unique telemetry are supported in Circonus and instrumenting SmartOS. He will also provide a DevOps perspective on monitoring SmartOS based on experiences gleaned from work in performance optimization and high-scalability application development and monitoring at Circonus andOmniTI, a boutique consultancy that helps some of the biggest Web brands (Microsoft, Facebook, Etsy) speed up their sites and improve their architectures and application stacks.

Blog post: Scaling Node.js and MongoDB on Joyent Cloud.

Brendan followed up on his USE Method with a checklist for Solaris.

Christopher Siden of Delphix blogged about Debugging unmounting problems with DTrace.

Bryan Cantrill did a prototype of ::printf for mdb:

Article: Actually, Open Source Code Is Better



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