SmartOS training from Joyent!

Spice on SmartOS: Alpha Testers Welcome

Caveat: Alpha quality; only for use on test machines by people who can figure out how to boot a custom kernel and boot image without it being placed on an ISO or USB stick for them.

Over the past couple days I’ve been working on:

The highlights:

I’ve tested smartos-live pull request 76 which adds support for spice settings to vmadm(d) and it looks good so far (kudos to Lee Essen for writing it).

I’ve verified that my automatic build of qemu still works and generated a zfs stream for the lazy.

What I’d like:

If people have some spare cycles to try following my instructions in that wiki page and find any steps I glossed over, that would be great.

If people have lingering questions after reading through the wiki page in its current state, there’s a section at the bottom for questions.  Please put questions you have in there so that I can fill out the page further.

-Nahum Shalman

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