SmartOS training from Joyent!

SmartOS News: Oct 11, 2012

SmartOS / illumos Internals Training! With Max Bruning, San Francisco, Thursday-Friday Oct 25-26 and Monday-Tuesday Oct 29-30. Details and registration here.

Why SmartOS as an OpenStack base operating system? – “I am now porting OpenStack to SmartOS and I think it is a perfect fit for that purpose. It is truly a Cloud OS. ” – Hendrik Volkmer

Postgres SMF Permissions on Joyent SmartOS – Josh Berkus

illumos hackathon 2012: user-land types for DTrace – “At the illumos hackathon last week, Robert Mustacchi and I prototyped better support for manipulating user-land structures.” – Adam Leventhal

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