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SmartOS News: Dec 12, 2012

  • Bruning Questions: “A few weeks back, while teaching a SmartOS Internals class, a few of the students had an interesting suggestion for me. It was either Sam Zaydel from Racktop, or one of the Voxer guys @superxero3 or @papertigerss that asked me to do a weekly tweet showing a use of mdb, DTrace, or something else in SmartOS that might be interesting. I thought about this for a bit, and I really like the idea, as one of my favorite things is instructing. The ZFS internals class also like the idea and say they have some good questions I could answer this way, so ask @MrBruning your SmartOS, DTrace, or mdb questions!” – Max Bruning
  • Bacon Preservation with ZFS - “ZFS is a pooled storage filesystem with many advanced features. This article will describe several circumstances where trivial ZFS usage can aid you, as a systems administrator or developer, immensely.” – Bryan Horstmann-Allen
  • SmartOS improves Node.js debugging experience (part 1) (part 2) – “If debugging your Node.js apps in production sounds like a dream come true, read on!” – Marco Meinardi
  • SmartOS for cranky Solaris People - “Then suddenly there was the announcement of SmartOS.  Hmmmm sounds interesting, and by interesting i mean perfect for our issues.  Solaris like with the same zones we all know and love AND kvm to run those stupid one off Linux servers nobody wants to touch.   More research needed.”

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