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Lest we all forget, we held a pretty damned good conference back in April, 2012, all about DTrace. For a good overview and wrap-up, see Adam’s blog post on dtrace.conf. Below is the complete list of talks and links to the videos.

8:30 AM registration, coffee by Stone Cobra, breakfast by DEY for illumos
9:00 opening
9:15 State of the Union - video Bryan Cantrill
Setting the Agenda - video
10:15 coffee break by Stone Cobra
10:30 User-Level CTF - video Adam Leventhal
10:45 Dynamic Translators - video Dave Pacheco
11:15 Control flow & language enhancements - video Eric Schrock
12:30 lunch sponsored by Nexenta
1:00 PM coffee by Stone Cobra
1:15 Carousel ride!
1:30 Clang Parser for DTrace - video John Thompson
2:00 Visualizations - video Brendan Gregg
2:30 Visualizations, Enabling toolchain for seamless USDT - video Theo Schlossnagle
Visualizations - video Richard Elling
3:20 Coffee by Stone Cobra
3:30 DTrace in node.js - video Mark Cavage
4:00 User-land probes for Erlang virtual machine - video Scott Lystig Fritchie
4:45 DTrace on Linux - video Kris Van Hees
5:30 ZFS DTrace provider Matt Ahrens
5:45 DTrace on FreeBSD - video Ryan Stone
Bryan throwing big heavy books at people
6:00 Barriers to Adoption - video Jarod Jenson
6:30 beer sponsored by Basho

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