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SmartOS News: Jan 8, 2013

  • Meet the New Test Framework - “In early December, we pushed a new test framework to illumos. While facilitating the addition of unit tests, this framework also served as the landing zone for a port of the ZFS Test Suite, which previously ran under STF (Solaris Test Framework).” – John Kennedy
  • pkgsrc-2012Q4 illumos packages now available “In keeping with the regular quarterly pkgsrc releases, I’m pleased to announce that packages from the pkgsrc-2012Q4 branch are now available for general illumos platforms.” Jonathan Perkin
  • Solaris portability – flock()  and  Solaris portability – cfmakeraw() - “This is the first of what I hope will be a regular series of posts looking at software portability when it comes to Solarish (Solaris, illumos, SmartOS etc.) systems.” Jonathan Perkin
  • 5 Data Center Trends For 2013: #4. DTrace Makes Data Centers More Resilient Data centers of the future will have many more built-in self-monitoring and self-healing features. In 2013, that means DTrace, an instrumentation and process-triggered probe into how well a particular operating system and application work together. ” – InformationWeek
  • Bruning Questions: Memory Capping on SmartOS- “Hey Max, I was playing around with some of the stuff from internals training. I noticed one of my zones at home was swapping against itself because of its cap. It seems like the mdb thread walk doesn’t actually think those threads have swapped out in that zone. I was wondering if there was a way to get that info from the GZ or from within the zone itself. Thanks, Mike”
  • Brendan Gregg’s USE Method for IDing Bottlenecks
  • Project-FIFO 0.3 SmartOS Cloud Screencast



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