SmartOS training from Joyent!

nodestack at SCALE 11x

We are happy to announce that several of us from the SmartOS community/Joyent, as well as our friends from 10Gen, will be at SCALE 11x in LA.

On Feb 22, we’ll be running a day-long hands-on workshop on building and deploying your app in the nodestack: the combination of SmartOSnode.js, and MongoDB

The event will be led by Joyent’s Max Bruning and Shaun Verch of MongoDB, with help from Brendan Gregg. You’ll learn why the best open source cloud stack for building and deploying your app is nodestack - and then you can try it for yourself.

By lunchtime you’ll be logged into your own complimentary Joyent SmartMachine in the Joyent cloud. In the afternoon we’ll help you with the finer points of tuning, checking performance, and running a sample application.

You’ll be able to keep using your SmartMachine for free for a month, giving you time to fully test for yourself the power of nodestack!

To register for this free tutorial day, follow the registration link on the SCALE 11x site, and add nodestack in Step 2 (Registration – Add Items). If you’re already registered for SCALE, you can add this as a free upgrade.

For those who can’t join us in person, the morning overview/introduction (9 am to noon Pacific Time) will be live streamed. Please register here for information about how to join the video stream.

We look forward to seeing you, in person in LA, or online.

FYI, Brendan will also be speaking at SCALE this year, on Linux Performance Analysis and Tools. And, before SCALE even starts, you can attend MongoDB LA 2013 on February 20th!

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