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SmartOS News: March 27, 2013

Jonathan Perkin

^ Jonathan Perkin demos #NetBSD image creation on @JoyentSmartOS in VMware on his laptop at @pkgsrc conf – photo by Filip Hajný - SLIDES HERE

Why SmartOS in my lab? – “I want an uncomplicated and fast route from CPU to storage with as few storage widgets between them as necessary. I want a compute/storage server that is as fast to set up as an iPhone. I want computational capability as close to my data as possible.” – Christopher Hogue

CDDL License

Since Oracle has shut down, and with it the canonical copy of the CDDL, you should know that 

  • it’s in the source tree on GitHub and, and the header on each file refers to that first source. You can also find copies at:

Intro to SmartOS Setup

Troy Dietrich, a new member of Joyent’s cloud operations team, did a series of blog posts on playing with SmartOS in a VBox environment, with lots of detail on how he set it up:


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