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SmartOS News: April 30, 2013

Daniele from the @ICC_Lab presenting on #OpenStack & #SmartOS


Bruning Questions: Why Use SmartOS? – In which Max Bruning answers: “So, why would you want to use SmartMachines or SmartOS as opposed to Linux?”

A New Versioning Scheme for SmartOS Images and an Updated Base Image – “Our old versioning scheme for SmartOS images was a bit confusing, and it wasn’t obvious what pkgsrc version a given image was built on.” – Christopher Horrell, Joyent

The Internet is coming to your car, watch, and dishwater, but can our systems handle it? – Jason Hoffman interviewed on American Public Media’s Marketplace

Brendan Gregg’s next book, white boarded

^ Brendan Gregg’s perf book is done. Expect it in print late August.

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