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SmartOS News: June 24, 2013

Brendan owns this

 - “Hoffman said today he is keenly interested in examining what will happen when data and compute converge — that’s the next big disruptor… Hoffman is also eager to see how to make this trend “democratized” or accessible to not just the internet behemoths of the world like Facebook and Google. What could smaller companies, founders, and developers do with this brand new opportunity?” - , Gigaom

Bruning Questions: Debugging Node Apps with DTrace – “I’m currently preparing to teach a session on using DTrace with Node.js for NodeConf 2013, and thought I might write a bit about debugging Node.js applications using DTrace.” – Max Bruning

Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud – “Systems performance analysis is an important skill for all computer users, whether you’re trying to understand why your laptop is slow, or optimizing the performance of a large-scale production environment. It is the study of both operating system (kernel) and application performance, but can also lead to more specialized performance topics, for specific languages or applications. Systems performance is covered in my upcoming book: Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud, to be published by Prentice Hall this year.” – Brendan Gregg

Frequency Trails – “Frequency trails are a simple and intuitive visualization of the distribution of sampled data. I developed them to study the finer details of hundreds of measured latency distributions from production servers, and in particular, to study latency outliers.” – Brendan Gregg

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