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SmartOS News: August 2, 2013

^ Open Source Systems Performance – Brendan Gregg’s talk at OSCON 2013. Slides here.


SmartOS Series: A SmartOS Primer - “The following presentation will walk you through the basic tasks to setup, configure and administer SmartOS…” – ICCLab


What’s new in pkgsrc-2013Q2 “The latest branch of pkgsrc was released at the beginning of July, and binary packages for SmartOS/illumos and OSX are now available.” – Jonathan Perkin



Bruning Questions: DTrace Caller Builtin “How do I trace a function but only if it is called from a specific other function? This post shows how to do it when tracing the kernel.” – Max Bruning


A Midsummer Night’s System meetup at Joyent  - rough cut videos available here.


Serving up disaster porn with Manta – “In terms of my software work, my predilection for (if not addiction to) systems failure has manifested itself in an acute interest in postmortem debugging and debuggability.” – Bryan Cantrill


How to use Node.js with node_modules in Manta – “Continuing in the series of “common real world Manta questions”, another common one we hear a lot, at least from newcomers, is how to run node with node_modules.” – Mark Cavage


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