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SmartOS News: August 22, 2013

ZFS Forensics – Recovering Files From a Destroyed Zpool – “I’ll create a ZFS pool, add a file to the pool, destroy the pool, and then recover the file. To do this, I’ll use a modified mdb, and a tool I wrote to uncompress ZFS compressed data/metadata (zuncompress). Since zdb does not seem to work with destroyed zpools (in fact, much of zdb does not work with pools that do not import), I will not be using it. The code for what I am using is available at mdbzfs. Please read the README file for instructions on how to set things up.” – Max Bruning

Solaris/illumos Zones, a story in 3 parts – a presentation by by Joshua Timberman

10 Performance Wins - a guest post from Brendan Gregg, lead performance engineer at Joyent, on the Joyent blog.

Memory Leak (and Growth) Flame Graphs – “Your application memory usage is steadily growing, and you are racing against time to fix it. This could either be memory growth due to a misconfig, or a memory leak due to a software bug.” – Brendan Gregg

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