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SmartOS News: Nov 11, 2013



Master Class: Node.js  – Max Bruning at DevBeat Tuesday Nov 12th in San Francisco.

Course Instructor Location Duration Upcoming Dates Cost Register
Cloud Performance Brendan Gregg San Francisco, CA 5 Days Nov 18-22 $4,500 Here
DTrace: Core Features and Performance Analysis Max Bruning London, UK 3 Days Dec 4-6 $3,300 Here
ZFS Internals Max Bruning London, UK 3 Days Dec 9-11 $3,300 Here


Solarians – Illumos, SmartOS, OmniOS and Unix - group meetup – Nov 18th in London

Brendan Gregg to Keynote SCALE 12x - “The SCALE team is pleased to announce that Brendan Gregg has been named the firstof two keynote speakers for SCALE 12X, the 12th annual Southern California Linux Expo, in February. Gregg will speak on “What Linux Can Learn from Solaris Performance, and Vice Versa.”


Brendan Gregg honored with the USENIX LISA Outstanding Achievement Award for “For contributions to the field of system administration, particularly groundbreaking work in systems performance analysis methodologies.”

His plenary talk at LISA: Blazing Performance with Flame Graphs (slides, video coming).





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