SmartOS training from Joyent!

Free Beta! Online Training from Brendan Gregg

Note: The Brainpickin site is no longer available, but you can see the course videos in the playlist above.

Learn about file systems performance from Brendan Gregg, while helping us test Brainpickin, a new online training platform.

This is part of a five-day classroom course on Cloud Performance, developed and taught by Brendan, based on his book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud (the online course assumes that you already have a copy of the book!). While this section is about file systems performance in general, its examples and labs are drawn from SmartOS.

In order to test some ideas about online training, we filmed Brendan teaching this course to Joyent staff. What you’ll see in this online chapter is approximately one and a quarter hours of video, broken up into many small sessions, with quiz questions, and opportunities to interact with other students via the platform.

The course has four labs that you can run for yourself on Joyent instances (if you’re not already a customer, you can use our free trial). Detailed lab instructions are available as part of the course materials.

To get started, go to and sign up. Enrollment is limited to 200, first come, first served. The online course will be available until Feb 12th.

What we ask in return is feedback, which you can provide directly within the course site, or by writing to us at We’ll also follow up with a brief survey when the course is over.

Thanks for your help, and enjoy the course!


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