SmartOS training from Joyent!

Cloud Performance Training Sample: File Systems

This is part of a five-day classroom course on Cloud Performance, developed and taught by Brendan, based on his book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud. This course will be taught again soon at Joyent.

More Training Coming Up from Joyent

^ above: a sample from the Cloud Performance course



In addition to the Cloud Performance training announced yesterday (with videos!), we’ve got more courses on the calendar now:

Cloud Performance Monday, May 12 – Friday, May 16, 2014 details & registration here
SmartOS Internals Monday, June 2 – Friday, June 6, 2014 details & registration here
DTrace Monday, June 16 – Wednesday, June 18, 2014 details & registration here
ZFS Internals Wednesday, July 9 – Friday, July 11, 2014 details & registration here
Kernel Crash Analysis and Debugging Monday, July 14 – Thursday, July 17, 2014 details & registration here

All will take place in Joyent’s San Francisco headquarters, and will be taught by Max Bruning.

Cloud Performance Training at Joyent

Last year, Brendan Gregg developed a Cloud Performance course for Joyent, based on (and teaching from) his book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud.

Like the DTrace course before it (also developed by Brendan, based on his DTrace book), this course is now being taught by Max Bruning, with the next course offering at Joyent May 12-16. Details and registration here.

The video above (from Brendan’s alpha teach to Joyent’s Seattle engineering team) gives an overview of what’s in the course, while in the video below Brendan answers the question “What is systems performance?”

SmartOS News: March 25, 2014

DTrace Training!

Last chance to join DTrace training @joyent next week, taught by @mrbruning. Register here.


Robert Mustacchi lands Project Bardiche into SmartOS. “The goal of Bardiche has been to create a more streamlined data path for layer two networking in illumos. While the primary motivator for this was for KVM guests, it’s opened up a lot of room for more than just virtual machines. This bulk of this project is comprised of changes to illumos-joyent; however, there were some minor changes made to smartos-live, illumos-kvm, and illumos-kvm-cmd.” 

Part 2: Project Bardiche: vnd Architecture.

Joyent is Hiring

Also see Joyent Careers.

Other News

Why Amazon Can’t Catch Lucera Financial Cloud

“SmartOS in particular was chosen by Lucera because it can deploy images to bare metal servers or virtualized machines using containers.”

What Linux Can Learn from Solaris Performance, and Vice-Versa

“Brendan Gregg keynoted the Southern California Area Linux Expo this year, to a packed room, with this talk: How does Linux system performance compare to other OSes, particularly the performance-focused Solaris family? What features inspired by them could be added to Linux?” – Deirdré Straughan on Joyent – includes video and slides

SmartOS News: February 21, 2014

Tomorrow! Brendan Gregg keynotes SCaLE 12x in Los Angeles

Join us at SCaLE 12x at the LAX Hilton, now through Sunday.

Brendan’s keynote talk What Linux can learn from Solaris performance, and vice versa is Saturday morning at 10. Lots of other great talks and people to meet, and a booth where you can pick up cool Joyent schwag!

Upcoming Training

ZFS Internals – Tuesday, March 18 – Thursday, March 20 at Joyent HQ in San Francisco, CA – register here

DTrace: Core Features and Performance Analysis – Tuesday, April 1 – Thursday, April 3  at Joyent HQ in San Francisco, CA – register here

Free Beta! Online Training from Brendan Gregg

Note: The Brainpickin site is no longer available, but you can see the course videos in the playlist above.

Learn about file systems performance from Brendan Gregg, while helping us test Brainpickin, a new online training platform.

This is part of a five-day classroom course on Cloud Performance, developed and taught by Brendan, based on his book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud (the online course assumes that you already have a copy of the book!). While this section is about file systems performance in general, its examples and labs are drawn from SmartOS.

In order to test some ideas about online training, we filmed Brendan teaching this course to Joyent staff. What you’ll see in this online chapter is approximately one and a quarter hours of video, broken up into many small sessions, with quiz questions, and opportunities to interact with other students via the platform.

The course has four labs that you can run for yourself on Joyent instances (if you’re not already a customer, you can use our free trial). Detailed lab instructions are available as part of the course materials.

To get started, go to and sign up. Enrollment is limited to 200, first come, first served. The online course will be available until Feb 12th.

What we ask in return is feedback, which you can provide directly within the course site, or by writing to us at We’ll also follow up with a brief survey when the course is over.

Thanks for your help, and enjoy the course!


SmartOS News: January 9, 2014



SmartOS Internals training with Max Bruning, Jan 27-31 at Joyent HQ in San Francisco – register here.








SmartOS News: Nov 25, 2013

Get your geekwear on! Including a fantastic new t-shirt from an original Brendan Gregg design. In our Café Press store.


illumos watch – November 2013 – “Hi Folks, welcome to the first illumos watch blog post, where each month I’ll be sharing some of the latest developments in the world of illumos, OpenSolaris, SmartOS and OpenIndiana!” – Alasdair Lumsden



Statistics & Visualizations: Two Lightning Talks by Brendan Gregg – “At USENIX LISA 13, Brendan Gregg led a full-day, interactive workshop on metrics, with attendees from across the tech industry. Tutorial material was provided by Brendan, along with Caskey Dickson of Google and Theo Schlossnagle of OmniTI. There were also group exercises and presentations. I filmed it all, and we’ll be rolling it out to everyone soon. At the end of the day, Brendan gave two quick summary talks on statistics and visualizations, presented here as a teaser.” – Deirdré Straughan



OpenZFS Developer Summit – “Spent the day filming and streaming this. The full playlist is above, below are links to each individual talk.” – Deirdré Straughan

Joyent Division: Unknown Measures

Unknown Measures t-shirt


This Brendan Gregg original artwork can now be yours! And not just on t-shirts! See this and more on our Café Press store.

What is that image about? Read that here.


SmartOS News: Nov 11, 2013



Master Class: Node.js  – Max Bruning at DevBeat Tuesday Nov 12th in San Francisco.

Course Instructor Location Duration Upcoming Dates Cost Register
Cloud Performance Brendan Gregg San Francisco, CA 5 Days Nov 18-22 $4,500 Here
DTrace: Core Features and Performance Analysis Max Bruning London, UK 3 Days Dec 4-6 $3,300 Here
ZFS Internals Max Bruning London, UK 3 Days Dec 9-11 $3,300 Here


Solarians – Illumos, SmartOS, OmniOS and Unix – group meetup – Nov 18th in London

Brendan Gregg to Keynote SCALE 12x – “The SCALE team is pleased to announce that Brendan Gregg has been named the firstof two keynote speakers for SCALE 12X, the 12th annual Southern California Linux Expo, in February. Gregg will speak on “What Linux Can Learn from Solaris Performance, and Vice Versa.”


Brendan Gregg honored with the USENIX LISA Outstanding Achievement Award for “For contributions to the field of system administration, particularly groundbreaking work in systems performance analysis methodologies.”

His plenary talk at LISA: Blazing Performance with Flame Graphs (slides, video coming).