MANTA-2575: setup documentation should explain "external" nic tag


Fixed: A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
(Resolution Date: 2015-02-04T23:40:12.000Z)

Fix Versions

2015-02-05 Honeywell 316 (Release Date: 2015-02-05)


A user in #manta was trying to set up a 2-node Manta deployment, but the manta-adm deployment failed with:

manta-adm: first of 2 errors: job provision-7.1.6 (1352ba21-10c0-43e1-b8af-0d6b310c734b) failed: cnapi.check_manual_server_nics: Manual server does not meet NIC Tag requirements

They had correctly run the manta networking setup script and were using a custom manta-adm config file to deploy zones to the right CNs. The problem turned out to be that their CN had no "external" nic tag, which the loadbalancer needs. The documentation neglects to mention this because our usual test systems always have external interfaces. We should add a note in the documentation that the "external" NIC tag needs to be set up on whichever systems you want to deploy loadbalancers on. When they added this and retried the provision, it worked.


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Created at 2015-02-04T23:38:59.000Z

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MANTA-2575 setup documentation should explain "external" nic tag