MANTA-5434: manta-init doesn't fully respect the sdcadm channel


Issue Type:Bug
Priority:4 - Normal
Created at:2020-12-09T19:11:23.580Z
Updated at:2022-06-24T23:07:26.672Z


Created by:Brian Bennett
Reported by:Brian Bennett
Assigned to:Brian Bennett

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When manta-init runs, part of what it does is get download and import the images needed for manta. It does this by getting the latest images for each service from

When manta-init gets the list of images, it gets them only from the dev channel, then goes to download them and uses the channel specified by sdcadm (e.g., release) and fails to download the image if sdcadm is set to anything other than dev.


Comment by Brian Bennett
Created at 2022-06-24T22:40:47.636Z

It’s high time this was taken care of.

Looking at the code a bit, it seems that just appending the channel to the URL is the best approach. I hot patched MNX with this and ran manta-init. It successfully downloaded all images from the release channel instead of erroring out.

Comment by Jira Bot
Created at 2022-06-24T22:59:28.436Z

sdc-manta commit a69af0162b210d807dec1994508a5f23b7a5b183 (branch master, by Brian Bennett)

MANTA-5434 manta-init doesn't fully respect the sdcadm channel (#149)

Reviewed by: Nick Wilkens <>