OS-6548: want interface for getting cached ipi vector


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(Resolution Date: 2018-02-15T20:54:31.867Z)

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2018-03-01 Midgar (Release Date: 2018-03-01)

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Some coming changes, namely the integration of bhyve, require access to a vector for performing IPIs.  Allocating a new vector is one option, but without a corresponding interface for deallocation, that course of action is unattractive.  Alternatively, accessing the already-allocated IPI vector for poke_cpu() would be perfectly adequate.  Since that data is private to pcplusmp and apix, a function to access it would be preferable to hacking up a direct external reference.  To that end, I propose adding a psm_cached_ipivect interface to psm_ops which would allow such access.


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OS-6548 want interface for getting cached ipi vector
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