OS-6846: want i40e multi-group support


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Created at:2018-03-28T18:18:21.753Z
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Fixed: A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
(Resolution Date: 2018-11-20T22:52:32.028Z)

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2018-11-22 Funcooker (Release Date: 2018-11-22)


Currently, i40e supports only one MAC group. This means that no MAC clients (such as VNICs) can take advantage of HW classification because all traffic must travel through a single group. The goal of this task to implement multi-group support for i40e, specifically:


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Created at 2018-11-20T17:43:17.369Z

I ran the following tests under DEBUG bits. I ran these tests on both X722 and X710 parts.

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Created at 2018-11-20T21:09:42.095Z

illumos-joyent commit 61dc3dec4f82a3e13e94609a0a83d5f66c64e760 (branch master, by Ryan Zezeski)

OS-6846 want i40e multi-group support
OS-7372 i40e_alloc_ring_mem() unwinds when it shouldn't
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Approved by: Robert Mustacchi <rm@joyent.com>