OS-8231: Bootable zpools need loader-selectable options


Issue Type:New Feature
Priority:4 - Normal
Created at:2020-09-15T18:13:45.227Z
Updated at:2021-08-06T14:19:14.717Z


Created by:Dan McDonald
Reported by:Dan McDonald
Assigned to:Dan McDonald


Fixed: A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
(Resolution Date: 2021-08-06T14:19:14.710Z)

Fix Versions

2021-08-12 your opinion man (Release Date: 2021-08-12)

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Today, a piadm(1M)-created bootable zpool only takes what $bootfs/platform and $bootfs/boot point to.  This needs to change to allow:

This issue tracks progress here.  It is a blocker for Phase III of RFD 176, and possibly a blocker for Phase II as well.


Comment by Dan McDonald
Created at 2020-12-08T22:22:20.042Z

This bug is not a blocker for Phase III, it turns out.  The default Triton HN setup has useful bits, however, that can help solve this for standalone SmartOS.

Comment by Dan McDonald
Created at 2021-07-26T13:26:19.555Z

Experiments and observations of the Head Node have shown that:

If we can get piadm(1M) to construct pi.rc (the well-crafted loader .rc file) based on PIs in $BOOTFS, we are set.

Comment by Dan McDonald
Created at 2021-08-04T20:56:37.552Z

PRs now up for smartos-live and illumos-joyent.

NOTE THAT THIS IS A SMALL FLAG DAY.  boot/ bits and platform/ bits must be updated together for this feature to activate, and the first boot into a post-this-fix world will need to explicitly run `piadm activate <current>` to generate a $BOOTFS/os/ directory and contents.

Comment by Dan McDonald
Created at 2021-08-05T19:15:01.487Z

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