OS-8379: Bump OpenSSL to 3.0.3


Issue Type:Improvement
Priority:2 - Critical
Created at:2022-05-03T20:07:57.470Z
Updated at:2022-05-12T14:58:28.761Z


Created by:Dan McDonald
Reported by:Dan McDonald
Assigned to:Dan McDonald

Fix Versions

2022-05-05 Quine (Release Date: 2022-05-05)

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OpenSSL 3.0.3 dropped today (patch Tuesday). It was a bit more annoying than the prior micro-updated, but a full build will prove it out. So far strap-build seems to work.


Comment by Dan McDonald
Created at 2022-05-03T23:53:24.578Z

Testing this on curly by building the world in a build zone, and running some openssl basics in global.

Comment by Jira Bot
Created at 2022-05-04T02:04:06.954Z

illumos-extra commit c8150fb46dcf1b81e7110e66cad6a93dbc777fad (branch master, by Dan McDonald)

OS-8379 Bump OpenSSL to 3.0.3

Reviewed by: Brian Bennett <brian.bennett@mnx.io>