TRITON-1298: need logarchiver0 zone


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Created at:2019-03-11T15:51:49.139Z
Updated at:2022-06-29T17:17:11.067Z


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Fixed: A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
(Resolution Date: 2019-03-24T10:17:35.447Z)

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2019-03-28 Operation Righteous Cowboy Lightning (Release Date: 2019-03-28)


As discussed in RFD 163's Log Archiver Service,

A new Triton service, logarchiver, will be created. This service will have a core VM logarchiver0 that will run a hermes master and a hermes proxy. This service will be responsible for creating an SMF service, svc:/smartdc/agent/logarchiver-agent:default, that will run the hermes actor. See sdc-hermes for more information related to hermes.

Logarchiver-agent will be configured to collect all of the /var/log/firewall/:customer_uuid/:vm_uuid/:iso8601stamp.log.gz files and place them in Manta at /:customer_login/reports/firewall-logs/:vm_uuid/:year/:month/:day/:iso8601stamp.log.gz. Once hermes has stored the file in Manta, hermes will remove it from the compute node. Note that {{/var/log/firewall}} is a distinct directory from /var/log/fw, the location for the global zone's firewaller agent.

This ticket is about creating the logarchiver Triton service (e.g. sdcadm post-setup logarchiver).  The logarchiver-agent SMF service is covered in TRITON-1299.


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triton-logarchiver commit a40cf29d45a2362a7a6d2f1fd8b7c306546244be (branch master, by Pedro Palazon Candel)

TRITON-1298 need logarchiver0 zone

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sdcadm commit 9a44a7b78227ed388e0ee95a83a07334b923e574 (branch master, by Pedro Palazon Candel)

TRITON-1298 need logarchiver0 zone
Reviewed by: Trent Mick <>
Approved by: Trent Mick <>

Comment by Pedro Palazón Candel
Created at 2019-03-24T10:17:35.465Z

sdcadm post-setup logarchiver will do the trick. See sdcadm post-setup help logarchiver for the glory details, including which image, channel and server to use for instance creation.

Additionally, this sdcadm change includes a refactoring to make easier the addition of new services to triton and, eventually, to help us remove all the existing code duplication for post-setup commands.