TRITON-2258: Want pkgsrc-tools installer in gz


Issue Type:Bug
Priority:4 - Normal
Created at:2021-10-15T14:49:12.914Z
Updated at:2022-08-29T23:27:22.437Z


Created by:Brian Bennett
Reported by:Brian Bennett
Assigned to:Brian Bennett


Fixed: A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
(Resolution Date: 2022-01-26T20:55:00.334Z)

Fix Versions

2022-03-10 Molly (Release Date: 2022-03-10)

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Comment by Dan McDonald
Created at 2022-01-26T20:39:33.884Z
Updated at 2022-01-26T20:40:23.710Z

Used generated ISO to fresh-install a VMware machine with external-network connectivity at installation time.  Selected "yes install pkgsrc" at installation time, and I have a populated /opt/tools/bin and /opt/tools/bin in my root's path on this freshly-installed standalone SmartOS instance.

Comment by Brian Bennett
Created at 2022-01-26T20:42:33.263Z

Tested install: