TRITON-2307: Add support for AMD to KVM CoaL script


Issue Type:Bug
Priority:5 - Low
Created at:2022-05-13T14:53:56.176Z
Updated at:2022-07-11T17:56:01.075Z


Created by:Dan McDonald
Reported by:Dan McDonald
Assigned to:Dan McDonald

Fix Versions

2022-08-25 Yakuza (Release Date: 2022-08-25)

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Community contribution from Jasper Siepkes. See [||smart-link]


Comment by Dan McDonald
Created at 2022-05-17T14:09:21.110Z

Testing notes from the PR:

I encountered the issue with coal-release-20220505-20220505T205435Z-gf5ac1e4-8gb.vmwarevm on KVM. I can't find the URL's to download older CoaL releases to test. If you could point me to an older release I could give it a test run. Basically as soon as you see the blue "Booting..." message (after the bootloader and the the 3 loading /os/202205.... lines) the VM just resets. If you let it run it just goes on and on in a loop. I also tried to fiddling a bit with using SATA or VirtIO controllers, different virtual chipsets, etc. but that didn't make difference.

The "normal" images such as usb-release-20220505-20220505T205435Z-gf5ac1e4-8gb.img boot correctly. Though Triton couldn't complete the setup with that image because the VM was apparently too slow to complete the setup in a timely matter (see screenshot below). I don't really have a frame of reference here in the sense that I don't know how long these steps take on VMWare. I used VirtIO for both the pool disk and USB devices. The pool was a raw file fully pre-allocated. 4 cores assigned to the VM of a AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core with 8GB of memory assigned to the VM (32GB total). So I wouldn't expect it to be slow. But that's probably yet another issue to look at ;-)

Comment by Jira Bot
Created at 2022-07-11T17:42:55.662Z

triton commit f943e1ee0cd11f8aceee4aeead4f31ba96fc7d74 (branch master, by Jasper Siepkes)

TRITON-2307 Add support for AMD to KVM CoaL script

Reviewed by: Brian Bennett <>
Reviewed by: Dan McDonald <>