ZAPI-741: Replace custom duplicated restify plugin that handles HEAD requests from curl with updated upstream restify plugin


ZAPI-666 fixed handling of HEAD requests from curl clients by duplicating an upstream restify plugin and fixing it in VMAPI's codebase.

At the same time, the fix to that upstream restify plugin was submitted as a pull request, and the plan was to remove the custom plugin once the upstream fix is integrated.

That fix just got merged in restify-plugins and released as restify-plugins@1.0.3, so we should now be able to get rid of the duplicated custom version in VMAPI, and just use the upstream version.


Comment by Julien Gilli [X]
Created at 2016-07-09T00:37:22.000Z
Instead of making VMAPI use restify-plugins, VMAPI was upgraded to restify 4.x with ZAPI-742, and now the fix for the user agent restify plugin was submitted as a PR against restify's 4.x branch.

If/when this PR is integrated, VMAPI's dependency on restify 4.x will be updated to the next restify 4.x release.