ZAPI-810: VMAPI data migrations abort on invalid internal_metadata value


Fixed: A fix for this issue is checked into the tree and tested.
(Resolution Date: 2017-11-08T07:24:22.065Z)

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2017-11-09 Edge (Release Date: 2017-11-09)

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From @pedro in ~triton channel this morning, after upgrading east-3b to latest dev images, the vmapi service failed to come up and the following error was found in the logs:
[2017-11-07T15:39:48.662Z]  INFO: vmapi/migrations-controller/60252 on 69eadfd0-9233-49df-b419-dfaa5aa90a4d: Found 1000 records
Uncaught AssertionError: internal_metadata values must be of type string, number or boolean

fail (assert.js:89:3)
Function.ok (assert.js:109:15)
Object.internalMetadataToSearchArray (/opt/smartdc/vmapi/lib/common/vm-common.js:518:77)
migrateRecord (/opt/smartdc/vmapi/lib/data-migrations/migrations/vms/001-internal-metadata-search.js:45:16)
Object.migrateRecords [as func] (/opt/smartdc/vmapi/lib/data-migrations/controller.js:272:43)
Immediate._onImmediate (/opt/smartdc/vmapi/node_modules/vasync/lib/vasync.js:213:20)
processImmediate [as _immediateCallback] (timers.js:383:17){code}
Shortly after @pedro mentioned:
The error is pretty clear: currently data migrations make the VMAPI process abort when an internal_metadata value is not a string, boolean or number on purpose.

I'll try to find the VM object with that value and understand why it had a docker:restartdelay value of null in the first place.

Regardless, we might want to be less radical in how we treat such values because if we ran into that value in east-3b, it is likely we'll run into similar unexpected values in DCs with more VMs.

Maybe warning and moving on would be more robust in this case?


Comment by Julien Gilli [X]
Created at 2017-11-08T01:12:39.709Z
Updated at 2017-11-08T01:14:31.994Z
Using the following shell script:
json_res=$(sdc-vmapi /vms | json -H);
while [[ "$json_res" != "[]" ]]; do
  echo "$json_res" | json -Ha -c "this.internal_metadata && this.internal_metadata['docker:restartdelay']===null";
  current_offset=$((current_offset + 1000));
  echo "current offset: ${current_offset}"
  json_res=$(sdc-vmapi "/vms?offset=${current_offset}" | json -H)
I was able to find that the VM with a value of {{null}} for its {{docker:restartdelay}} metadata is {{76d0bbe4-ca1e-4117-8ec5-ca894b768722}}.

Looking at that VM's {{internal_metadata}}, we find:
jgilli@5DCS842 (us-east-3b) ~$ vmadm get 76d0bbe4-ca1e-4117-8ec5-ca894b768722 | json -H internal_metadata
  "docker:id": "76d0bbe4ca1e41178ec5ca894b768722d92e24bd172749b0ba26ee821be93258",
  "docker:cmd": "\"sleep 86401\"",
  "docker:restartpolicy": "always",
  "docker:noipmgmtd": true,
  "docker:env": "\"PATH=/usr/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin\"",
  "docker:entrypoint": "",
  "docker:linkHosts": "",
  "docker:linkEnv": "",
  "docker:restartcount": 22301,
  "docker:restartdelay": null
jgilli@5DCS842 (us-east-3b) ~${code}
So it restarted 22301 times. Now when trying to determine how this number of restarts would lead to a value of null, and reproducing the computation that vmadmd performs] to determine the next restart delay, we found that eventually, the restart delay will always be serialized to null:
$ node
> 100 * Math.pow(2, 22301)
> JSON.stringify(Infinity)
In other words, this occurrence seems to show that aborting when encountering unexpected data in VMs' {{internal_metadata}} may not be what we want to do going forward, and that instead we should log those entries, migrate the record the best we can, and move on.

Comment by Julien Gilli [X]
Created at 2017-11-08T02:39:33.889Z
Updated at 2017-11-08T02:39:40.811Z
Testing notes:

In COAL, I manually forced a VM to have a docker:restartdelay internal_metadata value of null, then reset the data_version column of the vmapi_vms table in manatee to NULL. I then restarted the VMAPI service and observed it abort the same way it aborted in east-3b.

Then I applied the changes in the CR linked from this ticket, restarted the VMAPI service, observed the WARN log entry and verified that the data migrations completed. I then verified in manatee that the internal_metadata_search_array column did not index the invalid internal_metadata value.

Comment by Trent Mick
Created at 2017-11-08T06:28:03.926Z
Wow. :)

Comment by Jira Bot
Created at 2017-11-08T07:23:10.566Z
sdc-vmapi commit 131eada3251fb7e558e9e84cd89a9b6c63e5f4c5 (branch master, by Julien Gilli)

ZAPI-810 VMAPI data migrations abort on invalid internal_metadata value
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