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ZAPI-820FixedCleanup error messages in network validation
ZAPI-819FixedDestroying a VM should should not report a failure when there are no NICs to remove
ZAPI-816Fixedvmapi should pre provision nics
ZAPI-810FixedVMAPI data migrations abort on invalid internal_metadata value
ZAPI-808Fixedvms.changefeed.test.js race with changefeed listener
ZAPI-784FixedUpgrade to Moray client v3
ZAPI-782FixedZAPI-685 broke DeleteVm
ZAPI-781FixedPass server NIC tag information to NAPI
ZAPI-770Fixedchangefeed events should be published for every changes made to VM objects in moray
ZAPI-768Fixedwant more informative output for tests
ZAPI-765FixedAdding a fabric NIC to a VM doesn't provision a fabric NAT
ZAPI-764FixedProvisioning fabric NATs broken by VMAPI initialization changes
ZAPI-763FixedConnections refused by VMAPI on first boot
ZAPI-756 Search predicates don't work for fs_allowed
ZAPI-754Fixeduse cueball for talking to other SDC services
ZAPI-751Fixedadd-nics workflow should set the cn_uuid of the new NIC
ZAPI-750FixedSend FWAPI updates with owner_uuid for tag changes
ZAPI-749FixedChanging owner_uuid of a VM should update the owner of its NICs
ZAPI-747FixedSupport updating VMAPI's moray buckets' indexes at VMAPI's startup
ZAPI-744Fixednightly-setup failure due to VMAPI crash due to subtle behaviour change in restify 4.x
ZAPI-741 Replace custom duplicated restify plugin that handles HEAD requests from curl with updated upstream restify plugin
ZAPI-735 Support provisioning on IPv6 networks
ZAPI-731 allow to contain extensible fields
ZAPI-725Won't FixNIC removal redundant with net-agent functionality
ZAPI-721FixedHTTP API non-functional while changefeed and other aspects still working
ZAPI-720FixedCrash during certain back-off conditions when moray is unavailable
ZAPI-716FixedReject invalid dns_domain or hostname values early
ZAPI-715FixedReject long aliases early rather than during provision
ZAPI-708FixedCrash when post processing changefeed stats routes
ZAPI-705Fixedchangfeed tests should prevent extra executions of test code on ready events
ZAPI-702FixedUse changefeed version which supports node >= 0.12
ZAPI-701FixedChangefeed publishing needs to resume after a publisher error
ZAPI-700Fixedchangefeed test listener should respect VMAPI environment variables
ZAPI-696Fixeddeprecate package_name and package_version fields in VMAPI objects
ZAPI-692 Convert VMAPI tests to node-tape
ZAPI-690 PUT /vms[/:uuid] should check timestamp to prevent out-of-order replacement
ZAPI-689Won't FixPUT /vms does not account for VMs that no longer exist
ZAPI-687FixedputVm blocks calls for new VMs inappropriately.
ZAPI-685FixeddeleteVm for a VM who doesn't exist on a server or whose server doesn't exist should not start a workflow
ZAPI-684FixedThe objectDiff function in lib/common is incorrect
ZAPI-671FixedWant early validation of special tags
ZAPI-666Fixedrefactor handling of curl HEAD requests
ZAPI-663 Improve the performance of tags and IP queries.
ZAPI-662FixedUpdate stream to support more efficient queries by Triton Name Service
ZAPI-661FixedCommit for ZAPI-660 broke "make check"
ZAPI-660FixedRequests to /vms hang forever which have a "fields" param and match no VMs
ZAPI-636FixedprovisionNics passes create params to list
ZAPI-612FixedVMAPI replaces any passed in resolvers with those from the network
ZAPI-598FixedAdd support for interface-centric provisioning
ZAPI-597Fixedtools/rsync-to should specify the remote user