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ZAPI-594Fixedvmapi should expose zfs_filesystem and zonepath on VM objects
ZAPI-592Fixedvmapi should expose 'filesystems' on vms
ZAPI-220FixedHEAD /vms times out
WORKFLOW-217Fixedwf-moray-backend leaks Moray clients
WORKFLOW-193Fixedwf-api didn't come back online after sdcadm update to workflow master-20150421T183005Z-gc0446f8
VOLAPI-101Fixeddocker test assertion failure when NFS support is disabled
VOLAPI-82Fixedvolume names should be limited in size
VOLAPI-42Fixedimplement volumes renaming constraints
VOLAPI-18FixedAdd support for filtering entries outputted by ListVolumes on any volume object attribute
VOLAPI-15FixedSupport "predicate" querystring parameter for ListVolumes endpoint
VOLAPI-2FixedCreateVolume endpoint's size parameter should be a number in mebibytes, not a string
TRITON-1763Duplicatetriton instance fails when boot disk is not first in array
TRITON-1762 disks.*.snapshot_size not implemented
TRITON-1761 cloudapi docs do not define disk objects
TRITON-1709FixedUpdate "firewaller" unit tests to account for new "log" field
TRITON-1707 `sdcadm post-setup prometheus` breaks if CNS allow_transfer metadata does not exist yet
TRITON-1695Fixedcreate Triton Prometheus image
TRITON-1694Fixedcreate Triton Grafana image
TRITON-1692Fixedlinux-prepare-image should be able to set root password hash
TRITON-1686Fixedlinux-prepare-image support for fixing ubuntu serial console
TRITON-1676Fixedlinux-prepare-image should remove fstab entries added by cloud-init
TRITON-1675Fixedlinux-prepare-image does not clean up ~$default_user
TRITON-1673 sdcadm "Precondition failed: no connection moray"
TRITON-1668 cmon-agent should collect child dataset metrics
TRITON-1665FixedMetricsManager should stop EventloopMetrics when it closes
TRITON-1655Fixedadd a small canary image to for monitoring
TRITON-1653Fixednet-agent thinks that networks are always changing
TRITON-1652Fixednet-agent should create NICs using check_owner=false
TRITON-1651Fixedsdc-usbkey: set-variable should enclose value in quotes
TRITON-1649 Add "flexible_disk" to AdminUI packages UI
TRITON-1640Fixedbinder, registrar doc links broken after HEAD-2350
TRITON-1637FixedDAPI tests fail in hard-filter-volumes-from.test.js
TRITON-1630 Want Kang endpoint for net-agent
TRITON-1621 updating SDC agents should not update Marlin agent
TRITON-1611 want: sdcadm update all-the-things
TRITON-1609 sdcadm experimental reprovision-recover
TRITON-1598 sdcadm reprovision failure lock output could be more ergonomic
TRITON-1594 sdcadm platform install needs equivalent of -R option
TRITON-1593 "sdcadm channel set" error messages could be cleaner
TRITON-1586 sdcadm: Platform install process needs to be made more robust
TRITON-1575 "sdcadm health" failed soon after headnode reboot
TRITON-1573 sdcadm post-setup headnode
TRITON-1548 sdcadm fails to add sapi services for agents if agents are too old
TRITON-1531 Ask to update FWRULE_VERSION during `sdcadm update`
TRITON-1505 sdc-imgadm doesn't connect to valid hostname
TRITON-1496 urclient should only log at DEBUG level
TRITON-1493 Want a way to queue CN setup tasks
TRITON-1492 Explore alternatives to bundling fwadm
TRITON-1482 sdc-useradm password reset
TRITON-1474 dapi-snapshots script should be part of the headnode stack