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TRITON-2306 cmon default TLS key permission is too restrictive
OS-8385 smartos-live should be smarter about setting MAX_JOBS and friends
OS-8383 Libraries should use -lmd instead of -lmd5
TRITON-2302 net-agent broken on new version of sdc-bunyan-serializers
TOOLS-2549 Update engineering guide to reflect NWO
TOOLS-2548 Jenkinsfile "!virt:kvm" should also include "!virt:bhyve"
TRITON-2303 papi barfs on backend callback, also needs sapi update
OS-8378 Have bhhwcompat exploit illumos#14660
TOOLS-2545 CoC should be explicit
TRITON-2299 cloudapi default_hvm_brand value is not quoted in sapi template
OS-8376 Alter LX's unlinkat() error code to match Linux kernel
OS-8362 Want rust libstd in platform
TRITON-2240 workflow shows linux cn provisions as failed, even when they succeed
TRITON-2220 Role members that are deleted will wedge an account
TRITON-2229 CN server setup needs to poll napi to ensure net-agent has had time to adopt the nics
TRITON-2233 LinuxCN setup can fail if there is a destroyed pool
TRITON-2298Duplicaterefreservation=auto behavior causes vm migration to fail
OS-8373FixedRevert values for sys/zone.h to better-match to -gate
TRITON-2282Fixedupdate triton-cmon base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
OS-8372FixedBring in OmniOS fix for
TRITON-2297Fixednapi-ufds-watcher blown assert
TRITON-2053Fixedimgapi could have better support for self-signed certs
TRITON-2281Fixedupdate sdc-docker base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
TRITON-2284Fixedamon-relay has been broken since TRITON-2260
TRITON-2283 Drop amon xmpp support
TRITON-2274Fixedupdate moray base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
OS-6934 need UEFI (non-CSM) firmware for bhyve
TRITON-2280Fixedupdate sdc-cloudapi base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
TRITON-2272Fixedupdate sdc-vmapi base image to triton-origin-x86_64-21.4.0
RELENG-612Fixedgit+ssh package.json entries should be git+https
HEAD-2011FixedRemove/move all smartos@1.6.3 builds so that builds break explicitly
OS-8364FixedUpdate screen to 4.9.0
TRITON-2194Fixedwaferlock trips over morayXtmp, dies, falls on self-destruct button
OS-8367 zones should not SMF-depend on varpd
OS-7842 drop DSAPI support from imgadm
OS-6260 Want IPsec to support original packet
TRITON-368 node-triton docs should mention --unsafe-perm
TRITON-430 napi should support attached networks
TRITON-154 net-agent updating napi with vm state
OS-7268Fixedusbsacm device fails to open correctly
TRITON-1451 sdc-clients: add paging to napi.listIPs
TRITON-2038FixedJenkins should run all tests for firewall-logger-agent
OS-8118Fixedrefactor bhyve's network devices to use net backends from upstream
OS-6632 bhyve should be able to resize disk without reboot
OS-8149  BHYVE: Fix MADT ACPI table generation
OS-8244Fixedlx shutdown command should not be dependent on ash
OS-8277Fixedlx can use O_DIRECTORY directly
OS-8180Fixedlx want support for NoNewPrivs
OS-8287FixedBack out OS-8005 in favor of illumos#13822
IMAGE-1188FixedCreate modern lx centos image