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OS-6934 need UEFI (non-CSM) firmware for bhyve
OS-8118Fixedrefactor bhyve's network devices to use net backends from upstream
OS-6632 bhyve should be able to resize disk without reboot
OS-8149  BHYVE: Fix MADT ACPI table generation
OS-8287FixedBack out OS-8005 in favor of illumos#13822
OS-7458 bhyve should allow pci_slot addressing for NICs
OS-8005Fixedbhyve memory pressure needs to target ARC better
OS-6842Won't Fixzonememstat shows RSS == 0 for bhyve zones
OS-8021 bhyve uefi omnios guests fail to boot on SmartOS
OS-8168Not A Bugx86_emulate_cpuid() should clear upper 32 bits
OS-8076FixedPanic in vlapic_callout_handler
OS-8158FixedSupport NVMe as device model for bhyve
OS-8154FixedExpose bhyve sectsize property for virtio block devices
IMAGE-1179Fixedcloud-init should be able to reconfigure network on each boot
OS-8136FixedAdd DISCARD/TRIM support to bhyve
OS-8143Fixed Keep the shadow PCIR_COMMAND synced with the real one for pass through.
OS-8117Fixedbhyve upstream sync 2019 Sept
OS-8108FixedSupport vnc passwords for BHYVE
OS-8084 deletion protection snapshot increases storage usage
OS-6997 bhyve should error check mutexes
OS-6892 viona should allow promisc interfaces
OS-8043 bhyve always assumes viona for network interfaces
OS-8008Fixedbhyve on AMD should report SVM as disabled
OS-8001Fixedvmadm create chokes if no zvols created for bhyve
IMAGE-1180 vmtools-windows README could use more detail, markdown
OS-7851 KVM and bhyve should use kernel RSB stuffing routines
OS-7975Fixedbhyve should require exactly one primary nic
OS-8012 expose IA32_ARCH_CAPABILITIES MSR to bhyve guests
OS-8013 expose speculation control MSRs to bhyve guests
OS-7992 use native linker sets for bhyve build
OS-7844 viona should not depend on linear guest memory map
IMAGE-1101 ext3 initialization can significantly delay Linux instance SSH availability
OS-6949 expose pvclock to bhyve guests
OS-7974Fixedbhyve does not persist nic_driver
TRITON-1884 want triton image create --from-disk
OS-6863Fixedprestate should enforce zlog-name
OS-6695Fixedbhyve failed to pack nvlist
OS-6665FixedWould like mechanism to determine how many vcpus bhyve supports
OS-6971 want debug ioport in bhyve
OS-7953 vmadmd misses vnc port updates
OS-7916Fixedbash completions for vmadm snapshot commands do not support bhyve
OS-7915 bhyve should default to no zfs quota
OS-7654 adding disks to bhyve instances without flexible_disk_size could be friendlier
OS-7843Fixedviona could be split up
OS-6684Fixedcyclic reprogramming can race with removal
OS-6841 register_mem_int leaks mrp and returns success when memp conflicts
OS-7447Fixedformalize bhyve resource exclusion
TRITON-786Fixeddapi needs to learn about "HVM API" from sysinfo
OS-6860Fixedbhyve requires APIC cyclic be localized
OS-7622Fixedbhyve vioapic writes can deadlock instance