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TRITON-2160FixedNeed a way to provide node.config for Linux CNs
TRITON-2159FixedPort `/lib/sdc/` to linux
TRITON-1932 port net-agent to Linux
TRITON-2240 workflow shows linux cn provisions as failed, even when they succeed
TRITON-2229 CN server setup needs to poll napi to ensure net-agent has had time to adopt the nics
TRITON-2233 LinuxCN setup can fail if there is a destroyed pool
TRITON-2271Fixedlxc "images:" repo changed the URL
TRITON-2252 imgapi should understand lxc vm images
TRITON-2251 Want imgapi to be able to import lxc images by sha hash
LINUXCN-3Fixeddisklayout broke during rebase
TRITON-2242Fixedzfs.js needs to be reconciled across smartos-live, node-zfs and node-zfs/linuxcn
TRITON-2241 LXD instance start/stop doesn't work via cloudapi
TRITON-2232FixedLinuxCN default console should be the one specified by cnapi
TRITON-1946Implementedsdcadm platform needs to be OS aware
TRITON-2070Implementedbooter needs to offer boot module support for linux CNs
TRITON-1916Fixedport imgadm to Linux
TRITON-2079FixedCNAPI should provide information regarding Platform OS
TRITON-2171 agents updates on linux CNs
TRITON-1928Fixedport config-agent to Linux
TRITON-2168FixedBooter: Missing hostname for linuxCNs on network.json file
TRITON-1922 metadata service port to Linux
TRITON-1919Won't Dotransform vm create and update json payload to libvirt
TRITON-1920Won't Dolibvirt API
TRITON-2086Won't FixCNAPI boot parameters needs to include OS alongside Platform Image
TRITON-1947Fixedinstall-platform needs ability to skip copy to usb key
TOOLS-2433FixedSmartOS platform image manifests should use "smartos" as OS instead of "other"
TRITON-2011Fixedremove dependency on node-lockfd
TRITON-1918 port node-vmadm to Linux
TRITON-1917 cn-agent image tasks for Linux
TRITON-1914 cn-agent server_sysinfo task for Linux
TRITON-1942Fixednode-qlocker should not use node-lockfd
TRITON-1941Fixedlocker.js should be its own module
TRITON-1912Won't Fixport node-lockfd to Linux
TRITON-1915Won't Dov8plus port to Linux
TRITON-1913 prepare cn-agent repo for Linux port
TRITON-1927 port ur-agent to Linux
TRITON-1926 port cmon-agent to Linux
TRITON-1929 DAPI needs to be aware of Linux CNs
TRITON-1924 cn-agent snapshot tasks for Linux
TRITON-1930 port cn-agent agent tasks to Linux
TRITON-1921 cn-agent machine tasks for Linux
TRITON-1925 port vm-agent to Linux
TRITON-1923 cn-agent machine_create_image task for Linux
TOOLS-2328 eng needs helpful bits for systemd