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OS-7640 ltp io_setup01 fails wanting EAGAIN, gets EINVAL
OS-7029Fixedlx audit mishandles multi-arch rules
OS-7030Fixedlx audit may consume all kernel memory
OS-7861Fixedlxbrand futexes should limit CAS retries
OS-5464Fixedsignalfd deadlock on pollwakeup
OS-7433Fixedlxbrand openat(2) should behave same as Linux's when O_PATH and O_NOFOLLOW are specified
OS-5176Fixedvmadm stop and reboot may propagate improper error
OS-6916 lx: audit file watch support
OS-4053Fixedwould like output from brand scripts as caller of zoneadm
OS-5144 lxbrand dovecot fails to start on centos7
IMAGE-701DuplicatePackage for lx-brand zones to symlink useful tools in /native to /usr
OS-6003Not A Buglx: musl can't resolve EDNS
OS-3653Fixedlxbrand ipadm can't create IPv6 addresses
OS-5751Fixedlxbrand bind 9.10 can't bind to AF_NETLINK
OS-6114Fixedillumos#7955 broke delegated datasets in lx-brand
OS-6575Fixedpanic from lxpr_format_tcp
OS-5046Fixedlxbrand sssd fails to start up on CentOS 7
OS-3970 lxbrand tcsetattr(TCSADRAIN) issue with socat
OS-5641DoneDebug build broken by SO_REUSEPORT fix
OS-5415 LTP fcntl34 fails
OS-6155FixedNFSv4 locking not working if rpcbind or rpc.statd not running
OS-4149Fixedlxbrand setxattr(2), lsetxattr(2) and fsetxattr(2) should fail ENOTSUP
OS-3294Fixedadd support for inotify
OS-5977Fixedlxbrand needs get/setfacl support for FreeIPA
OS-5271Duplicatevmadm stop fails on CentOS-7 on PI 20160317
OS-5819 lxbrand ltp32 failures in nightly
OS-3922Not A Buglxbrand Linux processes should not have PRIV_SYS_LINKDIR
OS-4443Fixedd-bus daemon needs writable /proc/self/oom_score_adj
OS-6212FixedAuditd fails to start on LX in CentOS 7
OS-4776 Fedora 22 'Failed to issue audit enable call' error on console
OS-6467FixedLX go 1.9 aborts on unexpected signal interpositioning
OS-4937Fixedlxbrand ptracer count updates can race
OS-6931 lx: add more audit field selectors
OS-6587 terminal control in lx / ioctl issue
OS-6578 lx imagemagick perfomance difference
OS-6471 dpkg-reconfigure fails on LX Debian 9
OS-6226 LX autofs fails to mount hierachical share with NFSv3
OS-6214 LX autofs hang mounting hierarchical shares with NFSv4
OS-6038 Revisit manual overrides in lx init
OS-5745 handle sched_setattr SCHED_FLAG_RESET_ON_FORK flag in emulation
OS-5597 stracing strace is unreliable
OS-5514 O_EXCL behavior difference for zvol
OS-5437 lxbrand LTP pty01 fails in nightly
OS-5436 si_status incorrect during strace
OS-5435 implement PTRACE_GETREGSET
OS-5433 glibc/musl allocators segfault
OS-5426 RethinkDB does not run under Alpine
OS-5359 docker missing lx proc files
OS-5341 Add support for kernel.core_uses_pid
OS-5340 Add support for net.ipv4.conf.all.accept_redirects