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TRITON-1333FixedAlways include networking.json boot module when booting CNs
OS-7698FixedAdd mkzpool -e for creating encrypted zpools
OS-7858FixedAllow a range of bytes to be removed from a custr
TRITON-1330Fixedjoysetup must be aware of zfs encryption
OS-8169FixedSync pivy with Alex's fork
OS-8127Fixedkbmd should validate PIV replacement output better
OS-7868Fixedneed kbmadm and kbmd
OS-7880FixedAdd encryption support to fs-joyent
OS-8028FixedHave sysinfo report pool recovery configurations
OS-8125FixedFix kbmd replace-token method
OS-8122Fixedkbmd create-zpool pivtoken registration fails on retry
OS-8124Fixedkbmd should close stdin of spawned process after sending input
OS-8123Fixedkbmd should log plugin stderr output
OS-8115FixedAdd support for zfs.sync.change-key channel program
OS-7870FixedBring refhashes to user land
OS-8085FixedSupport Encrypted Dump
OS-7196FixedNeed native CCID driver
OS-8087DuplicateMake fs-joyent depend on kbmd
TRITON-1971DuplicateAdd encryption support to
TRITON-1786DuplicateDAPI needs to be aware of CN encryption
OS-7183FixedSupport early configuration of admin network during CN boot
OS-7860FixedInstall libsunw_crypto.a to proto area during build
OS-7828Fixedadd support for kernel crash dump encryption
OS-7633Fixedsysinfo should report the encryption status of a system
TRITON-1332FixedInclude datacenter name in networking.json