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Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud

Brendan Gregg has announced his new book, due in print this fall; it’s available for pre-order from Amazon now. Watch this space for more news and a sample chapter!

From the Archives: Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and More)

Thanks to our friends at USENIX for recovering Brendan Gregg‘s talk at LISA from November, 2010. Hint: this won’t be the last that LISA sees of Brendan.

Using flamegraph to Solve IP Scaling Issue (DCE)

The two flamegraphs to the right are taken from 2 machines that are running basically the same set of processes, and experiencing the same amount of network traffic. Read on to find out how these were created, what problem they were used to solve, and how you can do it too. Slow Flame Graph Recently […]

Performance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the cloud

Brendan Gregg, Lead Performance Engineer, Joyent, speaks at SCALE 10x. full slide deck for more details and links to relevant material, see Brendan’s blog 4-part playlist, total 60 mins

Surge 2011 ~ Building a Real-Time Cloud Analytics Service with Node.js

Bryan Cantrill and Dave Pacheco spoke at Surge.

Video: The Gregg Performance Series

Working for Joyent, I continue to create lots of technical video (~32 hours of edited material to date). Most recent examples, here, are the start of a series I’m doing with Brendan Gregg (author of the DTrace book). In the course of his research to make these videos, Brendan even made some surprising discoveries about […]

Video: Little Shop of Performance Horrors

Brendan Gregg speaks at FROSUG (Front Range OpenSolaris User Group) on Oct 29, 2009.