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Video: The 3rd Annual Solaris Family Reunion

Everyone was invited to give a short talk about “What I’ve been doing since Sun”. Speakers: Bryan Cantrill Brendan Gregg Eric Schrock & Adam Leventhal Keith Wesolowski Robert Mustacchi Max Bruning Garrett D’Amore Kevin Zimmerman Bill Moore Sunay Tripathi Blake Jones Comments:

A Midsummer Night’s System

On July 31st, we had a meetup at Joyent: an evening of talks about systems computing. Links below to the videos of the talks. Bryan Cantrill – Introduction Brendan Gregg – The New Systems Performance Adam Cath – Baby steps towards a general theory of performance analysis tools Chris Hogue – Reverse engineering the bootloader […]

Adam Leventhal on DTrace

Adam Leventhal at LSPE, May 23, 2013. Slides here. Includes a historic photo you won’t want to miss!

DTrace and ZBall

Another bit of Solaris history with Bryan Cantrill.

Illumos Meetup Video

From the June 15, 2011, meetup. Garrett D’Amore, Adam Leventhal and Bryan Cantrill discuss the past, present, and future of the Illumos operating system.