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SmartOS Operations – Ben Rockwood at illumos Day

On illumos Day, Joyent’s own Ben Rockwood gave us an in-depth look at the tools and techniques he uses to manage Joyent’s public cloud on SmartOS, covering everything from monitoring to configuration management and troubleshooting. Here’s video of the complete talk: 55 minutes of deep devops goodness, packed full of knowledge – and humor. slides […]

SmartOS: An SA Primer

Ben Rockwood speaking at the BayLISA meetup at Joyent, August 16, 2012. SmartOS basics for sysadmins: sparse zones managing zones and KVM instances the non-persistent environment deployment workflow downloading images zones workflow KVM workflow ZFS and VMs creating an image serving images designed for virtualization Slides SmartOS is a Virtualization Platform. Designed for Virtualization Lightweight […]

The DevOps Transformation

Joyent’s Ben Rockwood gives the opening keynote at LISA11.