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Joyent Division: Unknown Measures

  This Brendan Gregg original artwork can now be yours! And not just on t-shirts! See this and more on our Café Press store. What is that image about? Read that here.  

Cloud Performance Training from Brendan Gregg

^ Brendan teaching his new course to Joyent’s Vancouver engineering team    Brendan Gregg’s new book Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud is shipping to warehouses now; you can read more details and download a sample chapter from his blog, watch a one-hour video of Brendan speaking about the book: his goals and motivations in writing […]

Video: The 3rd Annual Solaris Family Reunion

Everyone was invited to give a short talk about “What I’ve been doing since Sun”. Speakers: Bryan Cantrill Brendan Gregg Eric Schrock & Adam Leventhal Keith Wesolowski Robert Mustacchi Max Bruning Garrett D’Amore Kevin Zimmerman Bill Moore Sunay Tripathi Blake Jones Comments:

A Midsummer Night’s System

On July 31st, we had a meetup at Joyent: an evening of talks about systems computing. Links below to the videos of the talks. Bryan Cantrill – Introduction Brendan Gregg – The New Systems Performance Adam Cath – Baby steps towards a general theory of performance analysis tools Chris Hogue – Reverse engineering the bootloader […]

Solving Problems with DTrace on Any Platform

Brendan Gregg at LSPE, May 23, 2013. Slides here. Sorry about the sound – bad echo in the room, nothing I can do to fix that in post-production.

SmartOS News: April 30, 2013

  Bruning Questions: Why Use SmartOS? – In which Max Bruning answers: “So, why would you want to use SmartMachines or SmartOS as opposed to Linux?” the #zfs / #illumos / #smartos community is truly awesome … had wondered about weird dedup behaviour and they came right to my rescue 🙂 — Matthias Götzke (@mgoetzke) […]

Ask Me…

Maybe you can’t quite read it in this photo; the button on Brendan’s shirt says “Ask me about Solaris 11”. Yes, I work with a bunch of comedians!

SmartOS News: March 1, 2013

Want to try out a Joyent SmartMachine for yourself, for free? Click here! SmartOS is Not GNU/Linux – “One of the requests we get from time to time is for SmartOS to look more like GNU/Linux in layout and behaviour. For example, config files in /etc instead of /opt/local/etc, binaries under /usrinstead of /opt/local/{s,}bin, GNU userland by default, etc. …We call […]

ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools

Brendan Gregg‘s talk at ZFS Day. The performance of the file system, or disks, is often the target of blame, especially in multi-tenant cloud environments. At Joyent we deploy a public cloud on ZFS-based systems, and frequently investigate performance with a wide variety of applications in growing environments. This talk is about ZFS performance observability, […]

SmartOS News: Dec 13, 2012

.@brendangregg announces his forthcoming new book: “Systems Performance – Enterprise and the Cloud” due in 2013 from Prentice Hall #LISA12 – @JoyentSmartOS Submit your #SmartOS or #DTrace questions to instructor @mrbruning for his new weekly column Bruning Questions. Thinking Methodically about Performance – “Performance issues can be complex and mysterious, providing little or no clue to their […]