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SmartOS News: Dec 13, 2012

.@brendangregg announces his forthcoming new book: “Systems Performance – Enterprise and the Cloud” due in 2013 from Prentice Hall #LISA12 – @JoyentSmartOS Submit your #SmartOS or #DTrace questions to instructor @mrbruning for his new weekly column Bruning Questions. Thinking Methodically about Performance – “Performance issues can be complex and mysterious, providing little or no clue to their […]

SmartOS News: Nov 21, 2012

illumos Jobs Board: A page on the illumos wiki for anyone looking to hire or contract for skills in illumos or related distributions and technologies. Comparing Amazon EC2 to Joyent SmartOS: “Conclusion: Joyent CPU comes in more than 4 times cheaper than Amazon EC2.” (Also read the comments on that post, and the discussion on Hacker News.) Datasets […]

Building a Business on illumos – Panel at illumos Day

Rod Boothby, Joyent; Bill Roth, Nexenta; Richard Elling, DEY; moderated by Deirdré Straughan. On illumos Day, this panel of experts addressed questions such as: How well is illumos supported? (ISVs, ecosystem, developers) What are the legal implications of illumos being open-sourced under the CDDL license? What are the business costs and benefits of illumos vs other […]

SmartOS News: Sept 18, 2012

illumos (and SmartOS) / ZFS Days – Brought to you by the same people who organized dtrace.conf in April, 2012, this two-day event will be your opportunity to catch up on the illumos family (including, of course, SmartOS) and ZFS, and hear what’s new and what’s coming in this exciting and powerful family of technologies. Manual Pages Now On illumos Site – The manual […]

SmartOS News: Sept 6, 2012

Beginning with SmartOS – ” a very simple introductionary tutorial for SmartOS. It is really to fun to play with and it will show how powerful it can be if you actually had the iron instead.” Porting OpenStack to SmartOS – “SmartOS is a modern operating system that was actually created to run cloud orchestration software. Joyent uses […]

Using Video to Communicate Technology

Deirdré Straughan’s talk at FISL, July 2012. Slides here.

Using flamegraph to Solve IP Scaling Issue (DCE)

The two flamegraphs to the right are taken from 2 machines that are running basically the same set of processes, and experiencing the same amount of network traffic. Read on to find out how these were created, what problem they were used to solve, and how you can do it too. Slow Flame Graph Recently […]

Experiences Starting an Open Source Operating System

Garrett D’Amore speaks at SCALE10x about the genesis of illumos. 4 part playlist, total running time ~55 mins slides

Performance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the cloud

Brendan Gregg, Lead Performance Engineer, Joyent, speaks at SCALE 10x. full slide deck for more details and links to relevant material, see Brendan’s blog 4-part playlist, total 60 mins

The Future of LibZFS

Matt Ahrens speaks at the illumos user group meeting, January 2012. join the new ZFS-discuss list