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SmartOS News: March 1, 2013

Want to try out a Joyent SmartMachine for yourself, for free? Click here! SmartOS is Not GNU/Linux – “One of the requests we get from time to time is for SmartOS to look more like GNU/Linux in layout and behaviour. For example, config files in /etc instead of /opt/local/etc, binaries under /usrinstead of /opt/local/{s,}bin, GNU userland by default, etc. …We call […]

SmartOS News: Jan 17, 2013

SCALE 11x, LA Hilton, Feb 22-24: Yes, we’ll be there! We’ll be running nodestack Day on Friday, Feb 22 – a chance to get your hands on a Joyent SmartMachine and learn why the nodestack is where you want to be deploying your apps. And Brendan will be speaking on Linux Performance Analysis and Tools (yes, […]

SmartOS News: Dec 21, 2012

,  ^ SmartOS variations Whatever and whenever you celebrate, Joyent and I wish you a happy winter holiday! Or summer, if you’re in Australia or New Zealand or… happy whatever! – Deirdré Training from Joyent! I will soon be scheduling the following courses in New York City, probably from mid-February: ZFS Internals (3 days) SmartOS Internals (5 […]

dtrace.conf 2012 – DTrace on Linux

Kris Van Hees of Oracle on porting DTrace to Oracle Enterprise Linux.