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DTrace with node.js

Max Bruning spoke at node Dublin, Oct 2012.

SmartOS News: Dec 12, 2012

Bruning Questions: “A few weeks back, while teaching a SmartOS Internals class, a few of the students had an interesting suggestion for me. It was either Sam Zaydel from Racktop, or one of the Voxer guys @superxero3 or @papertigerss that asked me to do a weekly tweet showing a use of mdb, DTrace, or something […]

SmartOS News: October 19, 2012

Videos from Surge 2012 now available. Above, Bryan Cantrill & Brendan Gregg on “The Real-Time Web in the Real World”. Also see David Pacheco on When Node.js Goes Wrong. The new @JoyentSmartOS Twitter account: for those who want just the news about SmartOS and related technologies (illumos, ZFS, DTrace, Zones, KVM…). (My personal @deirdres account will […]

SmartOS News: Sept 21, 2012

Getting IPv6 working with SmartOS and KVM Joyent on Node.js (and SmartOS): Node.js Lab at DataWeek – speakers include Bryan Cantrill, Isaac Schlueter, Dave Pacheco, and Jason Hoffman Configuration Management on SmartOS – Ben Rockwood has been adding to the SmartOS wiki.

Video: Instrumenting the Real-Time Web: Node.js, DTrace and the Robinson Projection

Bryan Cantrill, VP of Engineering at Joyent, describe his team’s experiences developing DTrace-based system visualization of Node.js in an early production environment: the 2010 Node Knockout programmingcontest. He describes the challenges of instrumenting a distributed, dynamic, highly virtualized system — and what their experiences taught them about the problem, the technologies used to tackle it, […]

Video: And It All Went Horribly Wrong: Debugging Production Systems

Bryan Cantrill discusses debugging production systems using post-mortem debugging and dynamic instrumentation, with a bit of history and an introduction to useful debugging tools, at QCon 2011.

dtrace.conf 2012 – DTrace in node.js

Mark Cavage

Building a Real-Time Cloud Analytics Service with Node.js

Video has finally become available from Bryan Cantrill and Dave Pacheco’s Surge 11 talk in which they “present our experience designing, implementing, and deploying a Node.js-based distributed system for analyzing system and application performance across a datacenter. Our system’s design, and particularly the choice of programming environment, were driven by our goals of supporting real-time […]

Surge 2011 ~ Building a Real-Time Cloud Analytics Service with Node.js

Bryan Cantrill and Dave Pacheco spoke at Surge.