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SmartOS News: Jan 17, 2013

SCALE 11x, LA Hilton, Feb 22-24: Yes, we’ll be there! We’ll be running nodestack Day on Friday, Feb 22 – a chance to get your hands on a Joyent SmartMachine and learn why the nodestack is where you want to be deploying your apps. And Brendan will be speaking on Linux Performance Analysis and Tools (yes, […]

SmartOS News: Jan 8, 2013

, Meet the New Test Framework – “In early December, we pushed a new test framework to illumos. While facilitating the addition of unit tests, this framework also served as the landing zone for a port of the ZFS Test Suite, which previously ran under STF (Solaris Test Framework).” – John Kennedy pkgsrc-2012Q4 illumos packages now available “In […]

SmartOS News: Dec 31, 2012

Blog moved to SmartOS, but what’s the point of SmartOS really? – “It’s quite simple: performance. Running SmartOS I’m using operating system-level virtualization.” SmartOS on Multi-Socket and the ACPI SRAT – “The ACPI SRAT describes the topology and nature of the processors and memory in your system. With it SmartOS can perform dynamic optimizations of memory […]

ZFS Performance Analysis and Tools

Brendan Gregg‘s talk at ZFS Day. The performance of the file system, or disks, is often the target of blame, especially in multi-tenant cloud environments. At Joyent we deploy a public cloud on ZFS-based systems, and frequently investigate performance with a wide variety of applications in growing environments. This talk is about ZFS performance observability, […]

SmartOS News: Dec 21, 2012

,  ^ SmartOS variations Whatever and whenever you celebrate, Joyent and I wish you a happy winter holiday! Or summer, if you’re in Australia or New Zealand or… happy whatever! – Deirdré Training from Joyent! I will soon be scheduling the following courses in New York City, probably from mid-February: ZFS Internals (3 days) SmartOS Internals (5 […]

SmartOS News: Dec 13, 2012

.@brendangregg announces his forthcoming new book: “Systems Performance – Enterprise and the Cloud” due in 2013 from Prentice Hall #LISA12 – @JoyentSmartOS Submit your #SmartOS or #DTrace questions to instructor @mrbruning for his new weekly column Bruning Questions. Thinking Methodically about Performance – “Performance issues can be complex and mysterious, providing little or no clue to their […]

Video: DTracing the Cloud

Brendan Gregg at illumos Day. Cloud computing facilitates rapid deployment and scaling, often pushing high load at applications under continual development. DTrace allows immediate analysis of issues on live production systems even in these demanding environments – no need to restart or run a special debug kernel. For the illumos kernel, DTrace has been enhanced […]

All About mpstat

What’s Brendan Gregg like as a trainer? This series of short videos gives a good overview. Part 1: The key fields of mpstat, a performance tool used in Solaris-based operating systems, including Solaris 10, SmartOS, Illumos that shows the health of the CPUs on multi-processor systems. Part 2: All the fields in detail. Part 3: […]

Performance Analysis: The USE Method

Brendan Gregg’s talk at FISL, July 2012. Slides here. This talk introduces the USE Method: a simple strategy for performing a complete check of system performance health, identifying common bottlenecks and errors. This methodology can be used early in a performance investigation to quickly identify the most severe system performance issues, and is a methodology […]

From the Archives: Visualizations for Performance Analysis (and More)

Thanks to our friends at USENIX for recovering Brendan Gregg‘s talk at LISA from November, 2010. Hint: this won’t be the last that LISA sees of Brendan.