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Building a Business on illumos – Panel at illumos Day

Rod Boothby, Joyent; Bill Roth, Nexenta; Richard Elling, DEY; moderated by Deirdré Straughan. On illumos Day, this panel of experts addressed questions such as: How well is illumos supported? (ISVs, ecosystem, developers) What are the legal implications of illumos being open-sourced under the CDDL license? What are the business costs and benefits of illumos vs other […]

SmartOS Operations – Ben Rockwood at illumos Day

On illumos Day, Joyent’s own Ben Rockwood gave us an in-depth look at the tools and techniques he uses to manage Joyent’s public cloud on SmartOS, covering everything from monitoring to configuration management and troubleshooting. Here’s video of the complete talk: 55 minutes of deep devops goodness, packed full of knowledge – and humor. slides […]

Adding Per-Thread Caching to libumem

Robert Mustacchi speaking at the BayLISA meetup at Joyent, August 16, 2012. Slides. Also see his blog post on libumem. What is libumem? A drop in replacement implementation of malloc(3C) and free (3C) Adding per-thread caching to libumem Which are the functions that are called to allocate memory in C programs The functions people call […]

Using Video to Communicate Technology

Deirdré Straughan’s talk at FISL, July 2012. Slides here.

Using flamegraph to Solve IP Scaling Issue (DCE)

The two flamegraphs to the right are taken from 2 machines that are running basically the same set of processes, and experiencing the same amount of network traffic. Read on to find out how these were created, what problem they were used to solve, and how you can do it too. Slow Flame Graph Recently […]

Performance Analysis: new tools and concepts from the cloud

Brendan Gregg, Lead Performance Engineer, Joyent, speaks at SCALE 10x. full slide deck for more details and links to relevant material, see Brendan’s blog 4-part playlist, total 60 mins

Video: Experiences Porting KVM to SmartOS

Joyent VP of Engineering Bryan Cantrill speaks at the KVM Forum, Aug 15, 2011. Slides