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Solaris History: Crystal Springs and Telegraph Hill Conference Rooms

    Mike’s office – the development of MDB (in Solaris 7). A simplifying assumption about DTrace.    

Solaris History: Muir Woods

“I learned a lot from reviewing Bonwick’s code in this room.”

Solaris History: The Marker Game

The things engineers invent to unwind at the office… Bryan Cantrill demonstrates the Marker Game that he and Jeff Bonwick used to play in a conference room in MPK 17. Special guest appearance by Bonwick himself, the world Marker Game champion.

Solaris Family Reunion Video & Photos

Note: the 2nd Annual Solaris Family Reunion will be held Oct 1, 2012, in San Francisco as part of illumos / ZFS Days. Earlier this week Joyent hosted the Solaris Family Reunion, an opportunity for many of us who have been involved with Solaris and its various offspring – or who may be so involved […]

Solaris Family Reunion

NOTE: If you have trouble registering or it looks as if we’ve run out of tickets, please write directly to There’s been a lot of news in the past few months about the progeny of Solaris: Illumos, SmartOS, OpenIndiana, and the forthcoming Oracle Solaris 11. Since many of our old friends/colleagues will be in […]