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New Video: Running Without a ZFS Root Pool

(Apologies to Bill for this taking so long! I was hoping to find a way to improve the audio quality, but… I didn’t.) At ZFS Day, Bill Pijewski: One of the main design principles of ZFS is merging the management of physical volumes with individual filesystems. Instead of relying on an underlying volume manager, ZFS […]

Making the Impossible Possible: Disposable Staging Environments At Scale

Eric Sproul of OmniTI speaks on ZFS Day How does one go about running intensive business-intelligence (BI) database queries on rapidly changing data? We found ourselves pondering this question while helping Etsy do periodic reporting on their massive BI database. We harnessed the power of ZFS to create lightweight, yet writable, clones of production […]

ZFS Day Videos

ZFS State of the Union Matt Ahrens’ overview on the state of open ZFS, at ZFS Day. ZFS Day Panel: The State of ZFS on… A panel covering the state of ZFS on Linux, FreeBSD, illumos, and more, moderated by Deirdré Straughan with Matt Ahrens, Justin Gibbs, Will Andrews, Don Brady, Brian Behlendorf

Why 4K? – George Wilson's ZFS Day Talk

George Wilson at ZFS Day. For over 30 years, hard drives have designated the smallest storage location as 512 bytes. In January 2011, all major hard drive manufactures began shipping their hard drive platforms using a new standard called Advanced Format. To aid in the transition, these new hard drives provide a 512 byte emulation […]