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SmartOS News: Nov 1, 2012

For all those who asked: “Hey! Where can I get that cool SmartOS coffee mug?” – now you can order it yourself!

Enhanced OS Virtualization for the Cloud – Jerry Jelinek at illumos Day (video)

Our DTrace scripts for NFS server, ZFS, and iSCSI initiator monitoring – “ I’ve built up a collection of DTrace scripts for monitoring and reporting on our fileserver environment, where we use NFS v3 on top of ZFS on top of iSCSI.” - Chris Siebenmann

SmartOS Command Line Fu - “SmartOS is extremely powerful. A lot of its power can be unleashed and understood by familiarising ourselves with some of the inherent unix commands underpinning its solid foundation. Thankfully the folks at Joyent have eased this learning curve for us considerably by pre-bundling some utilities in SmartOS. These utilities, leverage the power of Dtrace, ZFS, Zones, virtual networking (Crossbow) and other unix utilities and makes them accessible to us via easy to run scripts.” – (We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!) - Mark Slatem aka #Trentster – also now on the SmartOS wiki, thanks Mark and Jason!

New Image Tools for SmartOS - “Starting with our newer machine images we’ve introduced a few customer specific utilities to help you in the SmartOS world: Quickbackup, Smtools, and Dtracetools. These are packages updated frequently in which anyone can install and use immediately to reap the benefits and make your life easier.” - Derek Crudgington, Joyent

NodeStack Online Conference Recap - This online conference included “an explanation by Bryan Cantrill on why SmartOS is the way to instrument and debug Node.js applications in production.” Videos available here (registration required).

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