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SmartOS News: July 10, 2013

July 12: early bird deadline to register for ZFS Internals class

REMINDER: Early bird pricing for Joyent’s ZFS Internals class (Aug 13-15 in San Francisco) ends July 12th! Register here.

July 16: ZFS & Zones: Your Compute Fell Into My Data!

Bryan Cantrill speaking at Hootsuite HQ in Vancouver. Details and registration here.

July 20-21: Community Leadership Summit

Deirdré will attend (and possibly lead a session at) the Community Leadership Summit in Portland.

July 26: OSCON

Brendan will speak on Open Source Systems Performance.

July 31: A Midsummer Night’s System

Join us at Joyent HQ in San Francisco on July 31st for an evening of lightning talks, when systems folks can get together and talk shop with Joyent and friends. With beverages and pizza! Seats are limited, register here.

Speakers include:


Other News

Modes and Modality: “It is a truth universally acknowledged that the average is the index of central tendency. But what if the tendency isn’t central?” – Brendan Gregg




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