SmartOS training from Joyent!

SmartOS News: Oct 10, 2013

Training next week! DTrace: Core Features and Performance Analysis – details and registration here.


Screen shot 2013-10-10 at 1.36.44 PM






Twitter profanity analysis using Joyent Manta – “Node.js scripts (for map/reduce), quantized all tweets into 15 minute buckets, and then checked each word in the tweet against a known dictionary of profanity. ” – Mark Cavage


BOOK SIGNING: Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud - Join Dyn and Joyent on October 31 in San Francisco to celebrate Lead Performance Joyent Engineer Brendan Gregg’s release of his new book, Systems Performance: Enterprise and the Cloud. – details here

Archived Technical Videos – “If you know or suspect that I have video of you that you’d like a copy of, ask” – Deirdré Straughan

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