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OS-6471 dpkg-reconfigure fails on LX Debian 9
OS-4525 lxbrand implement getsockopt(TCP_INFO)
OS-6312 lx setsockopt TCP_NODELAY returns EINVAL when (so->so_state & SS_CANTSENDMORE)
OS-5804 lxbrand needs support for CLOCK_*_CPUTIME_ID timers
OS-7754FixedUbuntu 18.04 in lx needs different resolver configuration
OS-4119Fixedlxbrand panic when running native perl inside lx zone
OS-7784 lx ubuntu 18.04 ldconfig gets early SIGSEGV
OS-6580FixedLX fails to handle futex_requeue correctly
OS-8200FixedLX: serialise parallel vfork()/clone(LX_CLONE_VFORK) invocations
OS-8054Fixedinotify watches lead to EBUSY during zfs mount
OS-5738Fixedincrease timers allowed per-process
OS-3404Fixedlx brand must support sendmsg() with IOV_MAX of 1024
OS-4018Fixedlxbrand support TCP SO_REUSEPORT
OS-6951 lx: audit PATH records
OS-4268 lxbrand want IFF_UP toggling support in lx_netlink
OS-4407FixedOpenSSH 7.5+ broken in lx brand
OS-5879 lxbrand should expose ASLR via sysctl
OS-5729 export zfs kstats to lxproc in the same place as ZoL
OS-7755Fixedadd sendmmsg() and recvmmsg() to lx
OS-7427FixedSupport Linux congestion control interfaces in LX zones
OS-3794Fixedlxbrand panic on init signal death
OS-3195Fixedrt_sigqueueinfo system call needs emulation in lx brand
OS-3103Fixedlx_ldb_get_dyns32 doesn't properly handle NULL pointer inputs
OS-5246FixedAdd support for /proc/devices
OS-4993Fixedlx brand: vfork() should not be implemented in terms of fork()
OS-4587Fixedlx: ubuntu 15.04 - Failed at step IOPRIO spawning /bin/systemd-tmpfiles: Function not implemented
OS-3352Fixedptrace needs to work for linux, wait on non-children etc.
OS-3306FixedPTRACE_O_TRACEFORK should stop parent and child as they exit fork
OS-3271Fixedlxbrand mssing clock_gettime and timer functionality
OS-3250Fixedlxbrand initctl stop/start svcs can hang
OS-3206Fixedlx brand code at a possibly unreached point in clone.c
OS-3149Fixedlx brand always sends SIGCHLD to parent processes, regardless of how clone was invoked
OS-5670 lxbrand should populate AT_HWCAP
OS-4678 lxbrand support PTRACE_SINGLESTEP
OS-4606 lxbrand SCM_UCRED translation often causes MSG_CTRUNC
OS-3701 lxbrand iptraf hangs on recvmsg
OS-3135 landscape-sysinfo exceptions processing plugins; missing SIOCETHTOOL ioctl support
OS-5369 $0 shows /dev/fd/3 instead of the actual script name
OS-3198 apt-get upgrade: Failed to set capabilities on file `/usr/bin/arping' (Function not implemented)
OS-4979 lxbrand SOCK_PACKET not supported
OS-4034 zonememstat gives error in lx zone
OS-5661 lxbrand should have fallback vdso
OS-5619 want tests for SO_REUSEPORT
OS-3951 lxbrand convert capabilities syscalls to IKE
OS-5374 lxbrand zsh REPORTTIME behavior incorrect
OS-5182 systemd-localed.service fails to run in CentOS 7 lx-brand
OS-5173 lxbrand setsockopt(2) interacts improperly with shutdown(2)
OS-3967 golang build tests fail on lx ubuntu64 14.04.003
OS-4506Fixedlxbrand preserve /proc//cmdline format
OS-5815Fixedlxbrand should support MCAST_JOIN_GROUP